Hello, host of headlights
chasing me down the highway,
like golden fireflies peering
through the dusky night.
Souls on the same road,
yet anchored to another world
and another, invisible life.
Where are you going, strangers?
I wonder what you believe in
when the world goes to hell,
I wonder what dreams you chase
and what party jokes you tell.

Goodbye, freeway friends,
who will only ever be
in my rearview mirror.
But I wish you well
as the rain spirals down
street lights blur
the radio plays
I’m homeward bound
and I say a prayer
that you might find
the Grace I found.


Gospel to Glory

An angel chorus sears the night

From the hollows of eternity

Hallelujahs from a host that longs

To gaze upon the marvelous mystery.

God Incarnate emptied Himself

The Word becoming fragile flesh 

So men bereft of faithful deeds

Might shed their sin for righteousness.

Praise Him who ransoms Adam’s race

The One who crushed the serpent’s head

The fulfillment of Israel’s hope

In Whom grace and holiness met.  


I loved her once, this girl who fell through Time:
She laughed at princes but blushed a ruby sky.
In dusk’s last glimmer, I saw her yearning
for a home that soothed her soul’s burning,
as she wore the panoply of stars in her eyes.

Magnolia, magnolia
the autumn winds are fair and mornings bright
Magnolia, magnolia
yours is the distant hope, mine a futile life.

I loved her once, this girl who longed to die:
Yet strange, I ne’er found such wit and fervent fire.
She spoke against monarchs and befriended slaves,
called the golden palace naught but a cage.
If only I could give her wings to fly.

Magnolia, magnolia
the branches strip bare before winter’s might
Magnolia, magnolia
yours is the truest heart, mine the cruelest fight.

I loved her once, this girl I would make a queen:
But an empire carved in bones and wrath
casts the longest shadow and loneliest path.
I loved her still, this girl who only asked for peace:
My fragile flower, my faraway dream.

Magnolia, magnolia
your once sweet fragrance has turned bitter
Magnolia, magnolia
still my heart cannot bear to see you wither.

Magnolia, magnolia
what agony, what ecstasy, brought your world to mine?
Magnolia, magnolia
Time ‘tis but a fleeting breath for two lives entwined.


(Not-so-loosely inspired by this series.)

The Knot

Is this folly?

To bind ourselves, flesh to flesh,
in blood and brokenness
and whisper, in defiance,
against the dark: ‘til death.

To mock futility, souls conjoined,
despite the mortal sting
and laugh in the face of emptiness
with this communion sweet.

To die daily, for love asks more
than words—it demands our life:
every frail breath and thought,
a living sacrifice.

Or is this divine?


Featured in Germ Magazine November 2015.

Against All

Against all intuition,
there’s a King that chose
a crown that bleeds,
and a God who wore
the frailness of humanity.

Against all expectation,
men scoffed and spurned
and crucified their Maker,
but it’s for these He died,
the wretch, the fool, the sinner.


I AM, the Word made flesh,
Your ways are higher than mine,
Your love is better than life.
We forsake all other gods,
it’s You alone we glorify.

Against all explanation,
He trampled over death,
broke the grip of the grave
and undid condemnation
for the bride He came to save.

Against all hesitation,
we tread the Savior’s path,
count all our treasures loss
to comprehend Your holiness
and marvel at the cross.


Lord of light, I’m undeserving
of Your steadfast love.
God of grace, I’m so unworthy
but Your righteousness is enough.


I AM, the Word made flesh,
Your ways are higher than mine,
Your love is better than life.
We forsake all other gods,
it’s You alone we glorify.

He made him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. – 2 Corinthians 5:21

Dear 21st Century

Nietzsche said, “God is dead.”
So you build castles in the sand,
play god in this godforsaken land,
and create a hollow eternity
within the shackles of mortality.

Darling, eternity reaches
beyond light and earth,
and the infinite has
neither end nor birth.

Hawking said, “It’s a fairy story.”
Heaven’s a poor man’s wish
and a rich man’s myth.
So feast, dance, drink your gin,
‘cause tomorrow, Death will win.

Darling, shades of gray
prove the black and white,
altars may seem antiquated
but Truth transcends time.

Shakespeare said, “Love is blind.”
It’s just sweet words and lies,
all good things have to die.
So chase the dream, chase the girl
everyone wants to gain the world.

Darling, the life we live
will echo in forever,
and you’ll find your heart
where you find your treasure.

Dwindling Scenes

Where does history go—yours
and mine? Those days when we tangled
limbs and lives. No one told me, love
is a bleeding dream: as we recklessly
whispered forever into the night.
Where does history go—with
your one-line jokes and sideway smiles?
I’m afraid I’ll find it, in this crowded room,
fading from your coffee-stained eyes.


Featured in Germ Magazine February 2016.