My debut novel! The Vermilion Riddle releases March 1, 2022. Preorder it on Amazon now.

“To enter Faerie’s blessed demesne
four secrets must be found:
the land unbound by time and space
opens only to the one who knows
the Light, the Song, and Mortal Gate.”

A wealthy new gentleman comes to town and proposes to Leah, just as her family faces financial ruin. But none of them realize that AugustFox is a warrior locked in an ancient struggle to protect the mortal realm – and his brother is on the other side.

In my passionate pursuit of penniless writing as a side gig, I have a few pieces published out on the web. Some of them are also posted on Pen and Fire, but if you feel so inclined, you can visit these online publications as well.

christmas abroad

Chinese HeartSplickety, “Christmas Abroad,” December 2018 (final!) Issue.


The Misfit PioneersOne for One Thousand. February 2016.


Dwindling Scenes. Germ Magazine. February 2016.

Vanity’s Shroud. Germ Magazine. December 2015.

The KnotGerm Magazine. November 2015.

Wanderlust. Germ Magazine. August 2015.