Writing Collections

Despite my irregular posting, after a few years, posts tends to get buried. In particular, series are hard to find and read (maybe I flatter myself to think you bother to track them down – but hey, I’m trying to lower the friction so you will). Here’s linkage to pieces and serials on Pen and Fire for your convenience and reading pleasure.

A Few Highlights

aka personal favorites, not featured elsewhere. I would’ve put these on a sidebar or widget but I was too lazy to figure out how. So here.

Quietly, She Builds the World
The Truth About Your Fairytale
Dear 21st Century

Eternity On Our Hearts

A series of essays defending and explaining the Christian faith.

I. An Existential Crisis
II. What Pontius Pilate Asked
III. Assumptions, Axioms and Authority
IV. In the Beginning was the Word
V. The Word Made Flesh
VI. Beyond Wishful Thinking

The Zephyr Christmas Files

A silly, wintry epistolary tale I wrote for no reason. Summary: Some friends go to the mountains during the holidays. They’re complicated. 

Part I: Driving Tickets and Baristas
Part II: How to “Throw” a Love Story
Part III: White Christmas
Part IV: Letters to the Court
Part V: Like Pixar and Sara Bareilles 
Part VI: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Part VII: A Farewell to Fear

Beneath the Dragon Skies

A fairytale retelling. An excuse to use existing tropes and not think so hard. Just kidding (ish).

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Chapter X
Chapter XI