Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

I am not a writer.

At least, I would never introduce myself as one. It’s a label that might be more lightly tossed around today, but it feels weighty to me and comes with a whole host of expectations. I have neither the credentials nor creations to show for it. Yet, here I am, starting a writing blog.

Because you have to start somewhere, and I’m too impatient to stick one toe out at a time. So here I come, hurtling out of the closet straight into public judgment. (I could say YOLO here, but I think that steals from my nonexistent credibility.)

So, who am I? 

I’m a working professional in my early twenties, currently in business and technology consulting. That sounds better than recent college graduate attempting to figure out her life, though that is also an accurate statement. Then, like all human beings, I’m a bundle of paradoxes and apparent contradictions. I’m a Christian, and our culture may call me intolerant, but I believe Love rejoices with Truth. I have a background in technology, but in my spare time I would rather spin tales than write code. I’m a realist in living, but I prefer my happy endings in storytelling. I’m an introvert, but I’ll be your friend as long as you’re willing. I give my friendship easily, but my trust sparingly. If I could have more of one virtue, like the Cowardly Lion in Oz, I would choose courage because sometimes I fear too many things too much – and like C.S. Lewis said, “Courage is the form of every virtue at its testing point.” I love to laugh, but often at things that aren’t funny. You may think I’m mad, and you might be right.

That’s me in a nutshell, if I’d fit in one.

What’s this blog all about?

There’s not much in my background, schooling, or job that screams writer. My love for writing grew out of my love for reading, and it has always been a hobby, or something I do on the side. But I’ve written a fair amount over the years, and I have an assortment of topics around books and writing that I could go on about. I jotted some of them down recently and realized, I have things to say. Not earth-shattering things (read the Bible for that), but seeds of ideas here and there. Some of them may be ridiculous. Some of them may inspire you. Who knows.

Hence, the birth of Pen and Fire. These are two things I think a writer a needs – a pen to write with and some fire in you to fuel the words.

Here’s a rough sketch of what I’m planning to post on here:

  • Musings on writing, books, ideas, and other related topics
  • Short stories
  • Snippets from my longer works
  • Poetry / lyrics
  • Book reviews
  • Links to good posts elsewhere

So come have a conversation with me. Write back when I write. Tell me what you really think, in all the glory of brutal honesty. Here’s to truth, adventure, and good stories!

2 thoughts on “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire”

  1. Very interesting introduction about yourself. You are a smart and thoughtful girl. Thoughtfulness is a very rare virtue, particularly for a young girl like you.


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