The File Room: January, Vol. 1

Yes, it’s one of Those Things every guy and his brother does: the daily / weekly / monthly roundups, or highlights. With the new year and all, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon before it wheeled away into the horizon. Who knows what this will evolve into, but you can probably expect linkups to all things literature & writing, Christian pieces, tech articles, and delicious food recipes. “These are a few of my favorite things…”

Without further adieu, I present the first volume of The File Room.

Al Mohler gives an insightful analysis on worldviews and extremism in light of Charlie Hebdo.

An older post on stewardship, but I bookmarked it as an excellent reference and refresher, especially for a new year.

Remember the aching beauty of art.

Rachel offers some helpful tips for reading, particular when life is huffing full-steam ahead.

If you’re tired of eating lunch out, I’ve found some awesome inspiration with Project Lunch Box.

Also, best banana bread recipe I’ve come across thus far.

If you’re a T. Swift fan (or a closet fan, which I know covers you ALL. kidding), I loved this artsy mash-up.

What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about. – Julie Wright

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2 thoughts on “The File Room: January, Vol. 1”

    1. Hah I’m honored! I shamelessly stole the idea and format-ish from him. 😛 (Btw you must’ve blitzed through all my posts – got so many notifications!)


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